Impressive Start To 2016 Race Season For Joel Milesevic

Joel takes both wins at the first round of Victorian Titles 2016 Pro Open Class


Joel 2016 Vic Titles 2


Joel Milesivic has been using Full Force Suspension for a while now. He actually made the switch in the middle of a national round, picking up 2 seconds a lap straight away when he tried our set up for the first time ever. That was back in 2014 on a TM250 2 Stroke when he was only 18 years old.

Like most privateers, with the financial commitment needed to race a full season in the MX Nationals he’s yet to be in a position to have a decent off season practice set up, until now. This is the first year that Joels had a bike to train on, properly develop and set up, then been able to race on the same bike set up. Even down to being able to try different tyres and make sure he has the best.


Joel - Vic Titles Round 1 -3


We got to spend some time with Joel at the Mountain Man motocross in to Toowoomba last year, not long after he had just picked up his 2016 KTM 450. That weekend didn’t go to plan after loosing the rear brake pedal in the main race, but Joel had some amazing speed straight away with a baseline set up we did on the 4CS forks. That was Joels first time on 4CS. However after watching the bike at Toowoomba we got to make some more changes and he’s had the set up for a few months now. Judging by his results it seems to be working.

Joel has won a handful of local races this year but this weekend was the first round of the Vic Titles and the first chance to judge his speed against some National level talent in race conditions. The talent in particular that he managed to overcome was 2015 Lites Champion and factory Honda rider Jay Wilson. Joel won both races with Wilson in second both times. It got him the overall win and current leader of the championship.

It’s awesome to see a package finally coming together for Joel that matches his natural ability. It’s also good to see how fast the 4CS forks really can be with a simple set up.

Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come for Joel in 2016.

Bring it on!!!!!



Joel - Vic Titles Round 1 - 2


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