Brand new KTM 300XC 2 Stroke bike set up, straight from the dealer.

We have done this for a couple of customers now, but its not uncommon for clients to want their new bike set up and sorted the way they like, from day one. Since we are at most of the local dealerships everyday for one reason or another, its no problem for us to collect the bike on a customers behalf and get down to the business of set up before the client even gets to see the bike.

This lovely 2016 KTM 300XC belongs to a frequent client of ours who knows the magic we grace bikes with, so he always gets his new pleasure machines straight in to us. Over the last few years we have done a few different modifications to various bikes he has owned and we now know where a sweet spot is to get a set up that offers a good balance of quality of ride vs value for money that he really likes.   

The basic run down on what he wanted was, 4CS fork set up as per previous bikes, shock set up with new adjuster, Clake one light clutch, billet linkage protector and carby jetting.

Here are some photos of bike in standard form.


KTM300 XC Engine

KTM300 XC Rear Brake

KTM300 XC Linkage

KTM300 XC Rear Shock

KTM300 XC Throttle Grip

KTM300 XC Clutch


We have been developing and working on set up for 4CS forks back since 2013. We heard the rumor that they were going to be on the entire KTM motocross and Enduro range in 2015, not to mention the Husky range so we understood the importance of needing a good set up with this new type of fork. Luckily with the suspension Dyno, getting a base starting point and truly understanding the 4CS forks early on was a relatively quick process for us. It allowed us to get them working how WP intended, instead of making the mistake a lot of shops have been and still are making by setting them up like the previous generation forks. Being able to see what the forks were doing through the stroke as we made changes, made it almost easy to understand them. 

KTM300 XC 4CS Fork


We had a setting the client likes from previous bikes, so it was just a matter of valving, performing a couple of internal modifications to the forks and a quick Dyno to make sure they were on point.

KTM300 XC 4CS Fork Disasembled


For the shock, again we are in a good position with the data we have collected over the years. We know how the client likes the rear to feel, so we already knew what we had to do in this case.

KTM 300XC WP Rear Shock In Dyno


With this adjuster, although it does change the way the shock reacts, its main benefit is the range of adjustment that it provides. You can nearly take the shock from a SuperCross set up, very stiff, right down to a cross training very soft plush feel. It’s great for people that ride on a wide range of terrains.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of the internals but this shock also had our custom shaft, piston and rebound adjuster fitted. These mods really bring the shock in to the performance range of some of the best suspension in the world and help give it that plush feel over small bumps but will not bottom out on massive impacts. The rate at which the stiffness increases as the shock is compressed faster, is like nothing else we have had on our Dyno. Another side affect is much better traction and drive from the rear end, which also helps with tyre wear as the rear is not spinning up so much.

The One Light Clutch is rather self explanatory. But if you haven’t seen how awesome these things are check out the review just below. Basically the longer cantilevered lever and different master cylinder design make the clutch so easy to use. They really are awesome if you are in to technical slow riding which involves a lot of clutch control.

Clake One Light

Clake One Light 2


The linkage protector is purely a bit of safety for log hops and rocks. Although they don’t hit too often its nice to know it’s there as you do slam in to something. Not mention it does add a bit of bling.  

KTM Billet Linkage Protector


The finished machine.  We are looking forward to seeing it getting dirty very soon.