Betas have had an unquestionable rise in popularity in Australia over the last few years. We've had the pleasure of setting up a few Beta suspensions, and there is no doubt they offer brilliant value. When Ben Grabham announced, he will be working with Beta Australia late 2016 we knew we wanted to be part of the Beta revolution.


To the bike in question. This Beta 480RR was one of the first bikes we could get our hands on for stock. Unboxing the 480RR was like Christmas. The 480RR is carefully packaged and wrapped up in a well made wooden crate, a small touch which is a sign of the care and satisfaction Beta have for their machines. They could put them in s a cheap steel create like certain other brands and save some money, but they don't, and to me, that means something about the rest of what goes into manufacturing a Beta.

Initial impression as we stand back and look at the assembled bike is that the Italians do manage to build somehow an element of style and elegance in everything they create. The Beta 480RR's contours and colours excite the optic nerve like some exotic unobtainable machine. However, unlike other Italian marks Pagani, Lamborghini and Ferrari also exude this trait Betas are very obtainable.


Something that is unexpected is the quality of the finish on the different surfaces across the entire bike. Starting with the paintwork on the frame, being a steel frame is it painted, however, unlike a modern KTM, the paint on the Beta frame is thick, glossy and reflective. It feels smooth to touch. The quality continues with the engine cases, exhaust system, swinging arm, triple clamps and forks. All exposed metal surfaces are finished to a very high standard. Cast parts are smooth and anodised billet pieces are floorless with a very dark and strong finish to the anodising.


Things like the insulation on airbox side plate were also an unexpected feature.


Out of the box (the wooden one), the 480RR is a beautifully specced machine. From the ground up it has Michelin tyres, Excel wheels, Sachs suspension, linkage rear end and billet triple clamps. The steel frame joins these to its very impressive four-stroke 478cc power plant. It is fitted with braided brake lines front and rear as well as the hydraulic clutch. The bike is ready for the trails.





Although Beta did experience wins in the 2016 World Enduro Championship which showcases the performance in the brand, they do offer user-friendly features that we are yet to see from other brands.

Things like one button quick release seat make cleaning and maintenance an easier tool-free job. Standard screw fuel cap (with spill tray) is so much easier to use than KTMs push lock.


We're looking forward to getting out and testing the new four stroke range. If you would like to be involved in a test day, please get in contact. We do have a Beta 390 Racing in stock for demo rides and which will be unboxed and assembled next. :)

Have a great day everyone.


480RR Radiator Guard

480RR Muffler