Even after years of being around the MX Nationals and seeing the cream of the crop when it comes to new race bikes each year. It was still an event as the bikes got unloaded at QMP. BBR along with SK Designs have done an awesome job with the colour scheme and as soon as you see them, you can tell there is something special about the bikes.




Earlier in the year, we had the practice bikes in to start testing some different set ups for both Aaron and Nick. Nick had ridden our suspension before but this was a new venture for Aaron we needed to get some feedback from him to make sure we can find a setting he is comfortable with.


We use a much more advanced shock set up than anyone else (that we are aware of) in Australia. The shock provides significant traction improvements over a traditional setup, without the risk of bottoming out. The catch is, seasoned professional riders who are set in their ways with older technology, quite often need a bit of adjustment time to get used to the more plush feel and improved traction. It’s a balance we have to preempt as a pro rider uses the set up for the first time. 




With Aarons feedback from the practice set up, we had a good idea of where to be, for the race bike. In fact, the feedback from Aaron was awesome, we didn’t need to change much at all. 




The setups. Both guys have a fully spec’d rear shock. That’s a new shaft, lightweight alloy piston and new valving. The custom shafts have our own rebound adjuster, these adjusters have such a broad range of adjustment that both riders use a nearly identical set up. With all fine tuning achievable with the clickers. In fact, they are so good, there is a good chance they will not need valving adjustments for the whole year. A shock that will work for this level of riding on both hard pack tracks and deep sand like Wanneroo is hard to find.  The forks, on the other hand, are different for both Aaron and Nick. A couple of adjustments for both riders on the day and they were stoked to have such and awesome set up that is going to be perfect for the start of the MX Nationals next weekend.




Good luck to the boys and hats off for the effort by BBR Yamaha for managing to put a team together with such a high level of professionalsm and down to earth attitudes. We know it's going to be an enjoyable year for them.