Harry Metcalfe was the long-term editor for EVO magazine in the UK, however, after leaving EVO he has started Harrys Garage which is Harrys take on the automotive world. His vast knowledge and genuine interest in mechanical engineering make his videos very easy to watch. 

But it was his recent adventure ride that really got us talking here at FFRC. More importantly was his choice of bike the Beta RR450. We've been toying with the idea of setting a 2017 480RR up for adventure rides with long range tank and racks etc, it was great to see Harry using one for the same purpose. 

Harrys plan had a bit of a twist. Start with the rear wheel in the Mediterranean Sea and ride all the way to finish with a wheel in the Atlantic Ocean.

mediterranean Sea


Like most rides, it didn't all go to plan, check out the video below for Harrys Documentary of the ride.