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Plex Valves Install

Date Posted:21 January 2017 

Installing Plex Valves. A basic guide on installing the PLEX Valves to forks which have standard springs.

1. The Plex Valves are to be dropped in with the solid spacer facing upwards. As per photo. 



2. Put approx 600ml of oil into the fork, while it is in the compressed position.

Oil Fill


Bleed the air out of the oil by extending and compressing for the fork. You will feel the dampening working on the Plex Valve straight away. 


Once the fork is bled and back in the compressed position, you will need to set the air gap to the oil at 110mm. 

Air Gap


Remove the excess oil.

Remove oil.


Insert Spring

Insert Spring


Once the spring is sitting down on the PLEX valve, rotate the spring anti-clockwise to ensure it is seated correctly on the PLEX Valve. 

Rotate Spring


Now insert the washer and pre load spacer as you extend the fork up to the extended position.



For bikes using the standard springs the Pre-Load Spacer may extend out of the top of the fork depending on what springs you have. If you already have upgraded springs you will need to trim your pre-load spacers to compensate for the Plex Valves. If you have purchased a PLEX Valve and spring package from us we will supply the correct length preload spacers for your application.



Compress the spring and fit the fork cap back on.

Fork Cap