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PLEX Valves are now available. Please click link below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our DR650 Suspension Options

What are PLEX Valves?
PLEX Valves are the ideal solution to the very limited tuning/valving issues caused by the old rod fork design. Simply remove your fork springs, drop in the PLEX Valves then put your springs back in. PLEX Valves have adjustable rebound and compression damping through a shim stack that acts in just the same manner as a good cartridge fork. There is no need to change your fork oil, disassemble your forks, modify them, or use stiffer springs (except for riders over 100kg, heavily laden bikes, or aggressive riders). Unlike other designs, FFRC will tune the valves to suit your specific needs.

Are the PLEX Valves available now?
We anticipate the PLEX valve to be in full production volume early in the new year and we can take "Pre-Orders" for the final version which will be available shortly.
- Any expressions of interest can be sent to
A pair of PLEX Valves are priced at AUD$249 (USD$189).

What DR650 rear shock options exist?
Here at FFRC we have developed custom valving options that perform significantly better than the generic aftermarket alternatives that currently exist for the stock DR650 rear shock. To extend the possibilities of this valving, we also have custom piston options available to suit different riding types, these allow a broader range of responses for a very plush ride and also excellent handling characteristics on big impacts.

Will the plex valves suit Motard use?
Yes, we have started development on settings for use in Motard situations. Please contact us via if you would like to know more information on when they will be available.

Will it replace emulators already installed?
Yes, these can be used in place of emulators. However, we will need to do a different valving on the Plex Valve. Alternatively, if you send your forks in to have the Plex Valves fitted, we can return the rods to standard form.

Will these work on other bikes?
Yes, we will be releasing versions for many of the older rod type forks. Unfortunately, the development involved is a very long process, but we are working on more models as we speak.

How can I find out when they will be available?
Please email and we will notify you as a production date is finalised and pre-orders are available.

Can you ship to the US?
Yes, we will be offering worldwide delivery.