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Suzuki DR650 Plex Valves Suit 96-Current Models

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Suzuki DR650 Plex Valves Suit 96-Current Models

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**PLEASE NOTE**You can still place orders if you wish but we are currently relocating and will not be able to ship products until July the 1st. Your card will not be charged and we will contact you prior to processing to confirm if you still wanted to go ahead. Ultimate upgrade for your DR650 forks.



This listing is for a pair of PLEX Valves to suit bikes with loads below 100kgs or bikes that have had the springs already uprated.

We do also have a Plex Valves and spring package on our site. The package is for bikes that have 100kgs or more of additional load (rider and accessories) on the bike. 

*These will drop into a bike with standard springs, without the need to adjust the pre-load spacers.

**If your bike has had the fork springs uprated or changed, you will need to trim down your preload spacers to account for the PLEX Valves increasing the pre-load on the springs.

***At the checkout, please leave a detailed note explaining your riding style (adventure, rally, trail etc) and ability. We will also need to know the load you have on your bike over standard. This is rider weight plus any aftermarket accessories etc. If you have already uprated your springs please let us know what spring rates you have fitted, this will be taken into account when setting up your PLEX Valves

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS - All import duty and associated fees charged by your countries customs is your obligation. 

About PLEX Valves.

PLEX Valves are the ideal solution to the very limited tuning/valving issues caused by the old rod fork design. Simply remove your fork springs, drop in the PLEX Valves then put your springs back in. PLEX Valves have adjustable rebound and compression damping through a shim stack that acts in just the same manner as a good cartridge fork. 

PLEX Valves use a modern style fork piston which gives us superior control of oil flow compared with other drop in valves. In fact for the majority of riders, there is no need to change your fork oil grade, disassemble your forks, modify them, or use stiffer springs. The only exception being, bikes exceeding 100kgs load.



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Customer Reviews

Yesterday I took my bike out fully loaded. And it was only then I realised how good this suspension is. Review by James
A few months ago I sent my suspension to you for a rework. Due to numerous reasons I haven’t really had a chance to test it properly, only doing a couple of smaller local rides.

Yesterday I took my bike out fully loaded. And it was only then I realised how good this suspension is.

I was riding some awesome tracks and I was into it. I had a couple of “oh shit” moments and the suspension soaked up every bit of my imperfections and lack of talent. Prior to the suspension work I wouldn’t have achieved half the pace I was riding at yesterday. I even managed to find the bump stop more than once jumping it. I know what you’re thinking, yes I got both wheels off the ground on a DR and I lived to tell the tale! This in itself is proof how good the suspension is. I can now ride the bike to its limit and ride at a pace that was previously impossible.

Regardless of your amazing suspension I’m still no Toby Price!

Thanks for you’re Work, I have recommended your product numerous times based only on your customer service.

(Posted on 12/11/2018)
Initial Impressions-Great! Review by Levi
2016 DR650
1000 miles on bike
80% street/20% dirt
180 lb rider
Plex valves ordered 2/14, received in Florida, USA on 2/21.

I dropped these in under the stock springs and did not change the oil. I plan on changing oil at a later date and setting height according to install directions.

The front end feels like a completely different bike. The street manners are great. I can actually feel what the front tire is doing now! Brake dive is much improved. The bike feels much more nimble. Bumps/potholes/gutters are soaked up with ease. Digging this product.

(Posted on 23/02/2017)

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